Web Ordering – Cheat Sheet

For better ordering through Agopti Dealer Access


First step: login:

1. Enter Grower(s)

One Time only- First and Last name mandatory. Other info is optional


2. Enter Order Information

Crop type, Pest
Release Now or put on Hold


  • 1) Check the "Release Now" button and put in specific start date
  • 2) Uncheck the box and put in an estimated date
    If you uncheck the box, you will need to come back later to release it 


3. Select Field

If desired field is one you’ve entered before, click the box to select that specific field(s)
Once field(s) is selected, click “Create” and go to step 4
If desired field is not shown, click “Create” and continue with next step to map field.

Select a drawing tool at the top

  • Select a Field- if already in the system
  • Draw a Shape- customize the border of the field C
    Confirm selection before moving on. 
    Zoom map in to approximately 1 mile by 1 mile.

Save map!


4. Enter chemical

Make sure to select the right box:


  • Customer Product (your chemical)
  • Applicator Product (if you're buying from R&M)

Choose the product in the drop down box and the hit the “Add Product” button
 When all the chemicals show in the list, you are done
Either enter another job for this grower or go back to Grower Tab for next entry


Job— means Field(s)
"Accepted" / "Enrolled"— means field is "On Hold" and will be sprayed when Released by you
"Released"— means you are sure of when the field needs to be sprayed and gives us permission to spray it on the date you specify.

  • For instance, if you go online and put in an order on the 12th but do not want it sprayed until the 19th, you may still "Release" the field and set the Release Date to the 19th.
  • This saves a future step of going back online on the 19th and changing the order from "Accepted" to "Released.

"Archive Jobs"— Tab will display Cancelled Orders and orders done in prior years
"Scheduled" / "Pending"— Means we have planned it into our loads for the next 24-48 hours. The map is then un-editable.