Reminders and Tips


Things to remember when entering orders:


  • If you are unsure when the field will be ready select the “Estimated Application Date” and set for a future date.
  • If you know the window of time when your field will be ready for aerial application, click the “Release Now” box, and specify the time with the “Start Date” and “End Date” calendar. Agopti will release the field when the start date hits, thus saving you a future step.
  • If your field is ready to be sprayed at the time you are entering the information, check the “Release Now” box and select today’s date
  • When mapping the field, please zoom in far enough – approx. 1 mi by 1 mi – for our pilots to use the map effectively.
  • If we are flying your chemical that you’ve brought to us, be sure to enter products under CUSTOMER PRODUCTS when order is being placed